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About The Show

Host Bruce Hilliard here. I created the Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show  so there’s a platform and an audience for creative people like you to share your work. It’s the World’s Got Talent Show  where everyone wins.

I believe everybody can write and writing our thoughts is a healthy thing to do. Writing music is no different, maybe better. Music and songs have a universal way of connecting with people like no other form of sharing thoughts and emotions. I think the backstories about the song and where the writer is coming from enhances the appreciation and the buzz. The best way to appreciate and understand the song and the artist is to hear the composer speak first-hand. That's what this is about. The backstories of the artist and their work.

My first guitar, age 10. I bought it from my brother Rob for $90. It served me well until about 5 years later when it was stolen.

My own backstory led me to this conclusion and was the experience that led to the show. We all had hopes and dreams and countless barriers that prevent us from following them. With most of us, choosing the safe path is most comfortable. The fear of humility tells us so. The time and work, the distractions and complying to “normal” standard are reasons enough to set aside our crazy ideas and regretfully later in life wish we hadn’t.

My story is no different. I started studying music, playing guitar and writing songs before I was 10. By age 21 I had heard my songs on the radio and had opened for some elite bands including Heart, the Ramones, Dr. Hook, Lee Michaels and several regional bands and musicians that were as great but virtually unknown*.

While approaching age 22 I felt the need to be “practical and responsible.” I attended Washington State University where I degreed in music and journalism. The following years were the pivotal point in my life where I put music on the back burner, got married and joined the corporate hamster wheel…all of which dead ended. They were the best thing that never happened for me.

When marriage and Fortune 500 company jobs tanked, I realized I could only count on on my own skills and dreams to succeed. So I played solo gigs, painted and tried several career changes including real estate.

To everything turn, turn, turn. I continued writing not only songs but fiction, non-fiction and technical writing. A time to plant, a time to reap. Music keeps calling me home. It’s time to harvest.

My intention for the Better Each Day (or “BED” because it’s important to use catchy acronyms) again, is to give creative people, and really we all are, a stage where they can showcase. It’s not all about fame and fortune. It’s about encouraging creativity to all. The interviews, shows and promotion are free to all guests. I’ve met wonderful people, made many friends. Relationships!

*And as for those “virtually unknowns” I mentioned earlier? Most were a breath away from tilting the scale of success to gold. So, with that in mind and great optimism I approach each interview as if the guest is one listener away from the next level.