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Episode 075–Bill Protzmann Music, Health and Happiness with Bruce Hilliard

There is a special kind of person who seeks the more authentic experience, the genuine moment, the sweet fresh air escape from noise and pollution. Often that person feels called to a purpose and frustrated by the inadequacy of the world around them, right on the edge of giving up. That same person can also…

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Episode 074–James Carr Is “One Step From Everywhere” with Bruce Hilliard

One Step From Everywhere is a Seattle based band with its roots drawing from rock, blues, and soul with a classic rock guitar sound. The members have been playing together and separately in bands for the last 20 years, until finally coming together to form this strong and tight unit. The band consists of Simon Smith on bass kicking the groove to make you shake it, Craig Hoffman pounding it out on drums, guitarist/singer James Carr belting out the melody and emotion, and guitarist Chris Brown invoking the tasty leads!

Singer and songwriter James Carr is the guest…

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Episode 073–Marvin Wilson Publishing 4 The People with Bruce Hilliard

About the Artist/Composer, Marvin D. Wilson:

I was a professional musician during my 20s and 30s, but I had to retire from being a full-time musician when my young, growing family (and bills!) got larger than the income it afforded me. I have never stopped playing, writing, recording, and even occasionally performing, though—music is, and always will be, a passion of mine.I have written hundreds of songs, in all kinds of genres: Rock and Roll, Folk, Country and Western, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues, Pop Rock, and more. I still aspire to be able to be full-time professional musician again today.

My Goals:

With the money earned through the completion of this Campaign Lot, I will devote much of it to producing more and better recordings of original, inspirational music. I want to be able to afford to go into first-class recording studios, with top-notch producers, and hire the best talents available at all positions in the band, making great music that speaks from my heart to everyone, in genres that appeal to everyone.

I am also a writer, and a multi-published author (look up “Marvin D Wilson” on Amazon). However, having published my books with small time publishing houses that do nothing to promote my books, I make such a pittance on royalties it is not even worth mentioning. I have several very good book ideas that I want to write, but it takes time that I don’t have to do that, given my present financial condition. I will also use money earned from this Campaign Lot to take writing sabbaticals, free of concern over how to pay the bills, and able to focus on my writing muse. I write in the spiritual/inspirational genre, and would love to have some books available for the people here on Publishing 4 the People.


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Episode 072–Richard Hastings “Another Life” and Cousin Tim with Bruce Hilliard

Richard Hastings started his musical journey playing guitar at age seven and has been a professional working musician (guitarist and vocalist) his entire adult life as performer, studio musician, composer, educator, music contractor and recording artist. Although his styles include classical, jazz, pop, country and flamenco, his passion has always been songwriting. Inspired as a young man by his older cousin Tim Hardin (If I were a Carpenter, Reason to Believe, and many more), Richard has returned to his songwriting roots with two new CD’s: Another life (Fate Cuts Like a Knife) and Last Troubadour, The Tim Hardin Legacy. 

Armed with a master’s degree in music from USC and a degree from Musicians Institute, Richard has been a mainstay in the LA music scene for many years in a variety of venues and studios. As a recording artist and composer, Richard has released seven CDs ranging from smooth Jazz, to world beat, to solo guitar. He has been backed by such jazz greats as David Benoit, Richard Elliott, Snooky Young, and many of LA’s top studio musicians. As a performer, Richard has opened for such diverse artists as Bobby Caldwell, Chuck Mangione, Earl Klugh, Bo Diddly, Stanley Jordan, Strunz and Farah, Stanley Clark, Richard Elliott, The Dave Clark Five, Freddie Fender, Jose Feliciano and many others. 

Richard considers his journey one of musical exploration. Returning to his songwriting roots has given him a chance to express the depth of his musical understanding as well as his life experiences. Another life (Fate cuts Like a knife) is a deeply personal expression of his life’s lessons and experiences. His “gentleman country” style is a perfect vehicle to express his lessons of loss, love and life. His tribute to his cousin Tim Hardin (The Last Troubadour) helped him return to the singer/songwriter spirit he saw in watching early performances of Tim. Richard has a deep commitment to promoting Tim’s music. He feels Tim is a forgotten genius whose songs deserve a fresh look. He has produced rich new arrangements of a dozen of Tim’s songs and has utilized the talents of some of Tim’s original band mates including John Sebastian and Mike Mainieri. Which will be featured in his upcoming tribute album, The Last Troubadour.

Richard’s Website with Store and Video, Everything Richard!

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Episode 071–Brady Novotny “Passions Collide” Guitar Wizard with Bruce Hilliard

Brady Novotny started playing the guitar at the age of 10. Determined to be a world class guitarist, he left his first guitar lesson with his instructor telling him basically to give it up now.  Thus he was introduced to criticism and disappointment early in his endeavor. Nevertheless, Brady heard a guitar player that would motivate him to push all that aside and re-engerize his passion to continue; that guitar player was Randy Rhoads.  Brady soon fell in love with classical and melodic guitar playing.  Brady practiced restlessly learning everything from classical pieces, melodic and virtuosic solos from 80’s guitar heroes, to jazz fusion.

Brady loved the guitar, and truly, that has been his passion.  He attended Berklee College of Music for a little time.  At the age of 19, he was asked to teach summer guitar workshop at Duquesne University.  As life often happens, however, Brady got burned out and went back to school and received his masters in Psychology. Yep, that’s right — Psychology.  But the passion is back and stronger than ever, plus it never hurts to have some money!

Brady set out to do an instrumental project that would have his listeners singing the haunting melodies while holding their attention by uniquely placed guitar virtuosity and dynamic rhythms creating a fusion of rock, flamenco, and jazz.  His love for a variety of musical styles led him to study under many teachers in his life.  Brady started out playing Classical guitar at the age of 10.  Ever since then, Brady has had a strong affection for nylon string guitar sound. Ultimately, this led him to study Flamenco guitar. He immediately fell in love with the passion, virtuosity and rhythm of this style.  The shred of the 80’s was one of his main influences and guilty pleasures, while Jazz was a big influence on Brady’s chordal choices and song color.

Brady has a wide range of experience in the music business. His experience ranges from the Pittsburgh rock scene to national tours.  He has worked as a Pittsburgh session guitarist, Worship leader, and guitarist at several mega churches. He has also taught guitar at clinics and universities.

Brady’s Website

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