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Episode 045–Neil Fitzsimon Talks New Album “The Girl Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World” with Bruce Hilliard

Neil Fitzsimon is back with commentary on the production of his and partner Bee Brogan’s success and upcoming album. The topics vary from new song This Girl to producers Pat Collier, Neil’s take on other’s music, songs Girl In A Gilded Cage and Big Blue World which is currently #1 on BEAT100.Their new album is scheduled for release in just a few short weeks and the entire blue world is waiting.

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Episode 044–Alicia “Reygn” Patterson At The Wave with Bruce Hilliard

Alicia “Reygn”Patterson has been an singer songwriter for over 30 years. As a mother of 5 and a NYC school bus driver for 15 years, she decided to lend her talents to the children’s education genre. She is a play-write, tv producer and a published author. In 2014 she started her company Sound Through Music with…

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Episode 043–Across The Board’s Jacqueline Auguste with Bruce Hilliard

Canadian indie rock band Across The Board offers the soul-soothing sing-along catchiness that is fast becoming the their signature sound. Since 2016, ATB has played to sold-out crowds at some of Toronto’s more notable musical venues. The band transcends live performance and becomes a media monster.

With harmonious power vocals and catchy electric guitar riffs, Across The Board brings a high energy show to live audiences and uniquely clever videos to their growing Youtube channel of over 400 videos including several weekly series “Kitchen Sessions”, a musical cooking show, “Caravan Karaoke”, “ATB At Rehearsal”, “Acoustic Jams” and “ATB Live” on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Guest Jacqueline Auguste comes from both a symphonic and stage band background and is a multi-instrumentalist. She plays a variety of woodwinds including oboe, flute and saxophone. She is proficient on various percussion instruments including drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and even strings, cello. Jacqueline (aka Jackie) is the lead singer and principle songwriter for Across The Board, as well as taking lead in the creative aspects of ATB’s video production. Classically trained in jazz, big band standards and classics,  Jackie brings a well-rounded musical background to this innovative and eclectic group of Canadian musicians.

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Episode 042–Ingrid Oscarsson “Break Free” EP with Bruce Hilliard

Five years ago, singer-songwriter Ingrid Oscarsson did something most of us dream about but few of us do: She started over. Ingrid moved to a new city, left behind friends, lovers, and a secure job to be the person she always wanted to be, a musician.

Now, she announces her emancipation with the aptly titled EP, Break Free. It’s a masterful debut that, with singular artistry, fluidly weaves through indie rock, sparkles of glam rock, intimate folk, bluesy pop, sensual roots music, and smoldering balladry.

“My story is about shedding layers to finally be my authentic self. Sometimes you have to go far away to reclaim your essence,” the New York-based artist says. “I hope with my story, and my music, I can encourage others to embrace who they really are.”

The journey to Break Free gained traction in Chicago, in the early 2000s when Ingrid began taking guitar lessons. Previously, she had played violin as a child, and had a short stint pursuing guitar as a young adult. But sitting in a cubicle feeling numb inside, she began to reimagine her life. From afar, she admired New York City, romanticizing its beauty and cultural heritage while picturing herself immersed in the city’s frantic pace, getting a second chance at her first love, music. Guitar lessons became the opening salvo in a revolt to reclaim her life.

An influx of creativity from exploring guitar enlivened Ingrid. She became more adventurous, and began regularly visiting New York City, soaking up all its majesty. During one visit, she encountered a street performer at a subway stop, and purchased the singer’s CD. Like a story plucked from a New York fairytale, when Ingrid came back to stay in New York for an extended period—before permanently relocating—her Airbnb host ended up being that very same street performer, and proved to be an artistic ally on Break Free, helping Ingrid develop songs, and lending production talents and guitar skills to the recordings.

Thematically, Break Free explores various facets of self-revelation, from moving on from unhealthy relationships that hinder growth and success; to examining ways we hold ourselves back; to struggling to find a spiritual center.

The biting “Forget My Face” simmers with a moody vamp, bluesy hues, and slow-burn pop-rock hooks. The track confronts an unfaithful lover’s toxic pattern of going from relationship to relationship, carelessly wrecking hearts and lives along the way. On “Come Back To Peace,” Ingrid invokes a dark beauty that fuses country, pop, and ballad-y rockabilly. Here, in this steamy setting, Ingrid reveals her struggle with meditation, mindfulness, and the hard-fought battle to be present in life. The hauntingly beautiful “Say What You Gotta Say” rouses with elegiac violins and a modern take on an old-timey work-song beat. The song was inspired by the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and the message is all we have is now. The title track concludes the EP with a quiet-fire anthem celebrating individuality.

Up next, Ingrid will be performing live, and, enterprisingly, she is planning to share Break Free’s liberating message with others via an innovative and centering songwriting retreat that features yoga and meditation. This getaway will offer songwriters a sacred space to unplug and realign with their souls and their artistry. Pondering her 5-year path to Break Free, Ingrid says: “It’s never too late to be your authentic self.”

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Episode 041–Jeff Leisawitz “Not F*ing Around” with Bruce Hilliard

Jeff Leisawitz, the musician/ producer behind Electron Love Theory, is also the critically acclaimed author of the indie book Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground. 

Jeff is an award-winning musician/ producer, a critically acclaimed author and internationally distributed filmmaker who has devoted his life to creativity. He’s released five studio albums and has landed thousands of music placements in film, TV and multimedia for clients like HBO, MTV, Discovery, Microsoft, NBC and many others.

As the founding writer for Seattle’s taste-making alternative rock station 107.7 The End, he chronicled the alternative grunge scene in the 90s.

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