Episode 005–Samantha Mosier, “Creating Organic Standards in the U.S. States”

Organic bookHave you ever wondered what you're buying when you purchase food tagged “organic” or “natural?” Is it as close to pure food as we are led to believe or just another marketing scam to secure a premium price? Is the organic food nutrition-to-nasty ratio better or is it just over-priced everyday stuff? This episode is food for thought regarding the origins, present and future of our diets.

Samantha L. Mosier is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Missouri State University (MSU), where she teaches courses on American government, public policy, public administration, and environmental policy. Samantha earned her PhD in Political Science at Colorado State University and a MPA from Auburn University at Montgomery.

Samantha is the author of Creating Organic Standards in U.S. States: The Diffusion of State Organic Food and Agriculture Legislation and co-authored Performance Measurement in Sustainability Programs: Lessons from American Cities. Her research has also appeared in Food Policy, Environmental Management, and International Journal of Public Administration. Her current research focuses on university-community partnerships for environmental sustainability, service engagement by MPA faculty members, and the nature of science and partisanship in food policy.

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