Episode 008–The Voodoo Dolly, a Song Based On a Dare

This episode was based on a dare. The dare? Write and record a song using the following criteria.


  1. Use only 3 chords.
  2. About Tarzan
  3. Sex.

Not an easy task without playing the cheese card. And so be it. I actually used the box lid for a kid's board game from the 60's, Mystic Skull, for poetic inspiration. I finished the recording at about 4:00 a.m. and it was one of those “can't get the song out of my head” situations. So after 6 tracks of music, 3 chords, a 6 string acoustic and a 6 string electric, a bass, some sound effects including Tarzan and Jane starring in Sex and the Jungle…I challenged the dare and came in with a general audience rating to boot.

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