Episode 010–Let’s Talk About the Dead with Sanar Alixandyr

Ghost Busting 101–Part II of II

This is the continuation of a very unique and fascinating conversation I had with Sanar Alixandyr, a person of Energetic Sensitivity. The first interview relates her experience with her inborn trait to sense the paranormal, her traumatic confrontations as a child and her ability to communicate with spirits passed.Soul in tunnel of light

In this segment, the second part of  our talk, Sanar speaks openly of the loss of her son as the result of taking his own life. She shines as a person of optimism and hope and despite her personal life setbacks, or resiliently because of them, she shares her thoughts about embracing the peace we have inside: “We are capable of so much more than what we have allowed ourselves to be.”

Sanar is a Sensitive, as opposed to a Psychic. She was born with and developed an unusual empathy for reaching out to not only you and me but to passed souls. Her work with the living is in the personal development arena where she assists others in what she calls “removing the layers of past experiences that block the pathway of the soul to reveal the passion, power and possibility of the true self.”

As with part I, this was recorded in person, no satellites, at my studio. She shares a condensed version of her simple 5 part Ghost Busting 101 presentation with her usual levity, followed by the recollection of her emotional tragic loss and how she leverages that experience to help others in similar devastating circumstances. Once again, the female singer in the background is Sanar's voice from her CD Beautiful, a musical journey of courage, healing and transformation. In short, it's about harvesting your inner beauty.

“We are all energetic beings and the more aware we become of the unseen aspects of ourselves, the more empowered we are to live a fully expressive and successful life.”~Sanar


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