Episode 017–“The Success Grower” with Mark Schinnerer

The Success Grower: Eight Down-to-Earth Elements For Achieving Your Goals

“Just letting life happen isn't the way to success.” Are you like most people-growing their bank account instead of growing a successful life? Most people define success by what they have. Few people define success by the life they live. In his new book, author Mark Schinnerer takes you into a fresh story where he unpacks, through a corporate/agricultural allegory, the success of setting and achieving goals. Meet Alan Morris who's starting to see his goal slip away. Without any real plan, other than putting in his time, his view of success is now changing. Follow Alan on an accidental trip to a farm where you will discover the eight elements for achieving your goals. This story isn't just fictional. In fact, readers will find it strangely familiar. In this book you'll ask yourself these questions: Have I given up on my hopes and dreams? Am I waiting for just the right time or “my shot?” Is that little nagging voice asking, “What if?” The Success Grower is your proven path to growing the new you.

“Mark Schinnerer has identified a truth many never see in a lifetime. True success doesn't just happen. You don't find success. Just like every other natural process on earth, success is something you grow. You plant it, you nurture it and one day you reap the rewards of your work. The Success Grower shows you how. A must read.” -Ken Davis, International Speaker, Award Winning Comedian, Trainer of Communicators.

“Armed with a picturesque analogy woven beautifully throughout, Schinnerer adeptly ties truth and story together to create this ‘life manual.' Through parable, he reveals pivotal life elements everyone can benefit from in a poignant way so we can actually hear – and hopefully, heed. Easy to read from start to finish, this work will change lives for years to come.” – Sarah Beckman, Professional Speaker, Certified Communications Coach, Author.

Mark's taste in music is as diversified as his thoughts. From Rocky Mountain High to New York, New York, the scope of Mark's recording artist faves range from John Denver to Frank Sinatra. We talked for a few unrecorded minutes and it turns out neither of us can explain what kind of music we like best!


  1. Laura Shortridge on 01/09/2018 at 12:40 AM

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. I have read The Success Grower and love the way the Elements (true principles) are woven into the story. As Mark said in the podcast, the reader learns without even realizing it. I’m glad Mark finally took the 100 days to get his years worth of thoughts onto paper so that others (like me) can learn from his experience. He would be a great mentor.

    • Bruce Hilliard on 06/09/2018 at 8:15 PM

      Hello Laura,
      Sorry for not responding earlier. I try to respond personally to all messages and I need to improve! Mark was a pleasure to chat with and his book is a great example of how we can share our knowledge by buckling down and writing a book…or share it in any medium.


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