Episode 019–Stillia…England’s Newest Rock

Stillia's First American Interview

Enter Stillia. Fresh and tasteful records with punch, “I get it” music. Click the following links to watch and listen to Let Me In and 4am. Wow, ALERT THE MEDIA! They've got singles, they've got videos, they've got the chops and you'll hear for yourself, they've got a ton of personality. Most of the talking in the interview is lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Bennett. The rest of the band, also vocalists, are younger brother Matty Bennett, drums; Connor Moran, lead guitar; and Johnny Waring, bass. Their ages range from 20 to 23 years. They all hail from St. Helens,UK, except for Johnny. He is from a town about 10 miles away, Wigan. Jack refers to it as a (the President Trump spelling) sh**hole. Both towns are within 20 miles of Liverpool.

The half hour chat went from them noshing down on some dinner (it was 9:00 p.m. England time) during a rehearsal session to bassist Johnny demonstrating his expertise in various geographical English accents. The interview digression reaches a pinnacle with Johnny's Scottish and American speak. The infectious spirit and talent of these guys makes you think “wait for it.” Something big is brewing here.

For more information on Stillia and their management, Click Here.


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