Episode 040–Luanne Hunt “Caught Up In The Thought of You” with Bruce Hilliard

Luanne Hunt’s sound is real, not over produced or artificial. When you listen to her sing, you'll feel as if you’ve shared a conversation with her. When you listen to her tell her story in her own words, then it's really something special. Luanne did not have luxury of nurtured and happy childhood. Those times are best explained in her own words. She has taken her  experiences and a deep breath and reaches out to self doubters…and she does it with flare…loud and proud.

Featured in this episode are songs Broken Branches and Lightning In A Bottle, with husband and lyricist Steve Hunt's talent as a writer and the voice of singer Steven Bankey on the latter.

Part of Luanne's musical journey involves the discovery of a lost song Christmas Without You that was originally written for Patsy Cline. Due to the tragic death of Patsy and the years of forgotten “what if's”, the song was resurrected and without hesitation on Luanne's behalf, recorded and released.

The very touching Caught Up In The Thought Of You is another Hunt original. Her vocals are the shimmer on this country gem.

Hers is a story of courage and overcoming obstacles. She is living proof that with desire and perseverance dreams come true. Luanne uses to her voice to sing and to encourage others to live their dream too.

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