Episode 075–Bill Protzmann Music, Health and Happiness with Bruce Hilliard

There is a special kind of person who seeks the more authentic experience, the genuine moment, the sweet fresh air escape from noise and pollution. Often that person feels called to a purpose and frustrated by the inadequacy of the world around them, right on the edge of giving up. That same person can also feel brief flashes of immense power or sustained surges of energy, followed by drawn-out periods of stalled-out recovery in the doldrums.

If that's you, this Quest will teach you how to manage the first kind of feelings so that their energy actually enlivens the second kind. You will do that without hype, fancy production values, and impossible promises; everything you can learn here is self-demonstrably true. This is a Quest to remember and engage purposefully with the evidence-based musical power that mostly stays dormant in us, even though we'd like to think we're already masters of it.

While much of the interdisciplinary wisdom taught here is ancient and widely accepted, even understood, this Quest is historic. For the first time you can access the combined wisdom of ancient tradition and modern science in a simple, effective, life-transformative musical toolkit you can easily learn to use with skill.

To honor this first formal presentation and recognize its lineage, the tools are taught as ceremonial practices – everyday rituals you can use to master change, distress, depression, and anxiety for good.

You will learn how to build effective, purpose-driven rituals for both the most difficult and the most sublime moments of your life, and begin to enjoy a new freedom in the competitive advantages you already have while building new skills others may only dream of having. Really.

At its heart, this is a Quest that's all about you – a journey, should you choose to take it, that will lead you into a whole new way of being in the world. What you can learn here will change you…for good.

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