Episode 014–“The Only-Partially Accurate Morphing of Christmas Music” by Bruce Hilliard

2017: It's a Wrap

It's a huge ordeal to relate the full story of Christmas music in less than a half hour but we had fun trying.  The journey begins with a pre-historic jam session that shows signs of Rock n'Roll Hall of Fame. We then follow the generations of their children's children through Ancient Greece and Rome and the Middle Ages on up to the modern, more civilized and sophisticated annual phenomenon known as the Black Friday Riot. During production I accidentally played a track of harsh rioting voices with “gonna find out who's naughty or nice” playing simultaneously with Bruce Springsteen in concert. It sounded appropriate so I left it–that's what you'll hear.

On to 2018

History has a way of flipping something as pure as an act of peace and  kindness to a toxin of greed and selfishness. The simplest of winter celebration, music in this scenario, became subject to synthetic complicated rules. The upcoming Winter Olympic Games in South Korea are the athletic pinnacle of dedication and respect for each individual athlete and for one another. Like musical celebration the Olympic tradition began long ago, in this case in Ancient Greece. The rules of the games are already in agreement. Seems simple. Let's hope they're not compromised by extraneous synthetic complicated rules, not even a little, ever. Imagine.

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