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Carmine Appice, Ozzie and Sharon, Guitar Zeus Albums with Bruce Hiilliard

This episode starts off with Carmine's experience working with Ozzie Osbourne and his wife Sharon. A more in depth version of this story is written in Carmine Appice's Stick It–Sex, Drums and Rock'n'Roll book.

Appice is also the brainchild behind the Guitar Zeus album series featuring a list of notable musicians you have to hear to believe.

Welcome to the Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show. I’m Bruce Hilliard and I’d like to take a second to remind you that today is the official release of my new EP Pawn Shop Boulevard

You’re hearing the song Hold On is the background. The additional four songs are available to add to your playlists on about 20 different streaming platforms. I always refer people to Spotify because that’s the biggie.

It's free and easy. By going to Spotify and playing the songs, saving them to a playlist, or sharing, any kind of traffic will let them know we're serious about quality music.

Today’s guest is one of the most famous drummers of all time. He’s a teacher, a session player and known by probably more boomer recording artists than any other.He’s played with Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Brian May of Queen, and was the drummer for Vanilla Fudge.

Please welcome the great Carmine Appice.

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