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Episode 073–Marvin Wilson Publishing 4 The People with Bruce Hilliard

About the Artist/Composer, Marvin D. Wilson:

I was a professional musician during my 20s and 30s, but I had to retire from being a full-time musician when my young, growing family (and bills!) got larger than the income it afforded me. I have never stopped playing, writing, recording, and even occasionally performing, though—music is, and always will be, a passion of mine.I have written hundreds of songs, in all kinds of genres: Rock and Roll, Folk, Country and Western, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Blues, Pop Rock, and more. I still aspire to be able to be full-time professional musician again today.

My Goals:

With the money earned through the completion of this Campaign Lot, I will devote much of it to producing more and better recordings of original, inspirational music. I want to be able to afford to go into first-class recording studios, with top-notch producers, and hire the best talents available at all positions in the band, making great music that speaks from my heart to everyone, in genres that appeal to everyone.

I am also a writer, and a multi-published author (look up “Marvin D Wilson” on Amazon). However, having published my books with small time publishing houses that do nothing to promote my books, I make such a pittance on royalties it is not even worth mentioning. I have several very good book ideas that I want to write, but it takes time that I don’t have to do that, given my present financial condition. I will also use money earned from this Campaign Lot to take writing sabbaticals, free of concern over how to pay the bills, and able to focus on my writing muse. I write in the spiritual/inspirational genre, and would love to have some books available for the people here on Publishing 4 the People.


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