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Episode 077-Kory Livingstone’s Jazz, Memories and Thoughts with Bruce Hilliard

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he's a Juno Award nominee who has a lifelong calling as a pianist/composer and songwriter coupled with a career as an entrepreneur and educator. “Just do it” was his philosophy long before Nike adopted it as their mantra. As a “keynote artist”, he underscores the emotional aspects his keynote addresses with original songs performed at the piano.

One of his achievements is his book, Quiet Determination, Unlocking the Gates to Unlimited Success. In his book he relates the tendency most people have to overthink “how we're going to do it” to the point of forgetting the original vision and giving up on it before it has a chance for fruition.

“I'm not a millionaire, nor am I losing any sleep over how to become one. I'm not famous, nor am I dying become an celebrity. Success means different thing to different people. We've been brainwashed by the media to think that success is defined as how much money we have, how many things we possess. You only have to look at the number rich and famous people who are generally depressed, dissatisfied and unhappy with their miserable, wretched lives to see what I mean.”

“Quiet Determination” by Kory Livingstone.
Kory has released six albums on his own independent record label, Crestant Records. His CD entitled You Were In My Eyes, a collection of eight original songs that tell stories about our everyday life experiences, the many faces of love, inspirational themes and the power of words. They Say It’s Wonderful is Kory’s response to popular demand from his fans. It contains vocal jazz standards and originals written by Kory.

His self-titled CD Kory Livingstone is Kory’s first CD. It has a wide variety of instrumental tunes that Kory composed for solo piano up to full symphonic orchestra, from gospel to jazz and reggae.

Kory's first business as an entrepreneur was founding the Toronto High School for the Performing Arts. It was the first school of it’s kind in Canada, pairing the study of the performing arts with academics. The world could use more Kory's.

Kory's Website

The Book! Quiet Determination

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