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Episode 081–Gary Burk III “Friday Night” Partying With Friends with Bruce Hilliard

Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Gary Burk III’s musical journey began at age 9. He riding along with his dad to their family camp. There was a song playing on the radio…some old-time country tune that touched Gary in a way that would change his life forever. The song was 11-year-old Billy Gilman singing One Voice, from the album of the same title that sold over two million copies.

Drawing inspiration from his biggest influences, Alabama, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, Gary fronts his 3 piece band of outlaws, performing at events across the region.

Gary’s extensive collection of guitars includes a Custom Built Signature J&B Customs Tele-Style, as well as a Gibson Les Paul Robot Series In Manhattan Blue. He uses a Line 6 M16 module played through an Egnater Tweaker 40 amplifier.

When he’s not touring or recording, Gary enjoys spending time with his twin boys and two daughters.

Gary Burk’s new single, “Friday Night” is being released on MTS Records this spring.


Michael Stover

MTS Management Group

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