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Episode 086–David Lauser, From Sammy Hagar to Alliance with Bruce Hilliard

Drummer David Lauser grew up in California, where he first learned how to play the drums after watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. During his teens, Sammy Hagar sat in with his band and they performed together until a move to San Francisco matched Sammy with Ronnie Montrose. He separated from David to perform in Montrose, but our drummer guest continued to perform as a solo artist and in several bands. Hagar produced a demo for one of these bands when he noticed how strong his former drummer still played, so he picked him to drum in his band during his first solo outing. The two performed together until fate again separated the two and “The Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar was asked to join Van Halen. David continued to perform and eventually the split between Hagar and Van Halen led to their professional reunion. David continued to play with Hagar into the next decade, even joining him on the unusual co-headlining tour with David Lee Roth in 2002.

With the recent release of  the Fire and Grace Alliance album, David has this: “It seems like just yesterday that Gary (Pihl) called me about forming a group for the purpose of having a band outside of our main musical commitments. After several failed attempts with male and female vocalists and bassists, the illustrious A&R man, John Kalodner suggested we contact Robert Berry. Subsequently, Gary, Fitz (not on this album) and I jammed with Robert at Sammy Hagar's home studio. There was a definite spark. An immediate connection. Was that really 30 years ago? Spanning three decades and an ever changing musical landscape, Alliance has been truly a labor of love for all of us.” – David “Bro” Lauser

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