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Victoria Lye “I’m Like A Flower” and “Everything Is Figureoutable” with Bruce Hilliard

Victoria Lye is a singer/songwriter, wife, and mother with one on the way. She is humble, kind and thoughtful. Always a pleasure to talk to. Fortunately, she speaks five languages and one of them is English or this interview would have consisted of music only. That being the case, she speaks six languages.

In Victoria's words…

I’m a soul singer, songwriter and pianist in Munich (Germany), originally coming from Novosibirsk (Russia).

People say that I sound like Katie Melua or Lisa Ekdahl and describe my music as intimate, soothing and romantic. Artist that influenced and inspired me the most are Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston.

With my music I want to emphasise the beauty of this world, to show people how beautiful they are inside with all their feelings and to inspire them to pay more attention to their soul. I’d like them to feel like they’re in a fairy tale where all their deep desires come true.

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