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Original Songs

Words and Music by Bruce Hilliard


I heard you're moving to California
I read it in some magazine
It never rains in California
And Hollywood is full of dreams

There's everything in California
And pretty people walk your way
So take your dreams to California
Cuz everybody makes it in LA

Oh don't go away, please stay
Live to love another day
Please don’t go, oh no, don't go away

Remember hearing our song on the radio
And all the road trips in my car
My band was playing smokey taverns
And we would never get too far


You never knew I was in love with you
You never knew until today
It was the sweetest kiss goodbye


I hope you're cool in California
An your wildest dreams all come true
If you dead end in California
Just know I think you're beautiful


This song is about a guy thinking out loud about the girl that left him to make it big in Tinseltown. He's torn between sarcasm and wishing her dreams come true. The lyrics sound like she is still with him and listening to his plea but she's already gone.

Hold On

He was a pauper, sired by a pauper’s son

Mother was a gypsy fortune teller on the run

He had a dream and he could feel it in his genes

Combing his hair, he thought he could be the next James Dean

candles touching

She was a princess and a daughter of New Orleans

Never knew her papa, mama was an African queen

She was dusky and they called her Desiree

Driving down the highway looking for a place to stay


And on the other side of town she stands alone

Listen to the ringing on a distant telephone



Hold on, hold on to the night

Darkness in a room of candle light

Hold on, hold on to the night

Oh, casts a shadow ‘cross the shimmering fire in her eyes


He’d be a papa but he never did arrive

Parked his car in heaven back in ‘55

Like déjà vu, just a living out a legacy

She was driving down the highway looking for a place to be


And on the other side of town a child is born

Listen to the ringing on a distant telephone


Hold On was based on an envisioned black and white video set in 1955. It’s about two lonely strangers and a one night stand that leads to a love child. Both lovers come from unstable upbringings and somehow hook up via a pay telephone call in the night. They hold on to a memory of the romantic night they shared with a candle reflecting a flame in her eyes. In the story, they have a child out of wedlock only to be left, like déjà vu, without a father who is killed in a car accident before the child is born.

Doesn't Anybody Fall In Love

I heard a rumor, at the end of the end of the day

There ain't no human touch, no communication

When people get together they're still all alone

Everybody's staring, staring at their phones

If I had your number I'd give you a call

And say "Hey, what's goin' on?"


I got a feeling, I don't no

Doesn't anybody fall in love no more?

No, no, no, doesn't anybody fall in love no more?

Oh no...doesn't anybody fall in love no more?

I've got a question if you've got the time

If you've got a minute, I've got a dime

I'm reaching out just one more time

You're so many miles away

If I knew you number I'd give you a call

And say "Hey, what's goin' on?"

(Chorus) ...

Doesn't Anybody Fall In Love No More is a tongue in cheek observation of the masses glued to their phones and maybe missing out on some really good reality.

Endless Rain

The tide is changing it comes and goes

So what’s the meaning no one knows

The moon’s suspended from a string

The world is spinning round and round

I found myself in the lost and found

In a nightgown borrowed from The King

Lightning boltSeptember came and with it endless rain

I heard a distant train whistle echo in the night

Writers write and fighters fight

And mothers sigh and sanctify a lullaby for the sleepy eye

Of a hurricane



And so I hanged myself from gallows borrowed

Drown myself in pain

Hell I’ll never live to see to tomorrow

Standing in this town of endless rain


Got laid off then I got hired

Got a job then I got fired

Said they loved me like a son

People come and people go

And where they’re coming from I don’t know

Me, I’m off to the rodeo

November came and still the endless rain

Is falling from the sky to the river to the sea

The tide is changing rearranging things I hope the sands of time

Will forgive me of this crime

It’s so insane


Endless Rain is about growing up in small town America and getting stuck in its muddy rut of limited thinking and to some, eternal imprisonment. The words were scribbled quickly as a stream of consciousness, a snapshot of a lost soul in a dead-end ghost town.

Better Each Day

Make it better each now baby

Better in every way

A new day’s coming now mama

horse legend black

And our horse will know the way

I can see a new horizon

Riding high in the sky tonight

Make it better each day now baby

Better in every way

I wrote Better Each Day in about the time it takes to write it down. I ran into a snag when I started to jot down “Mother Nature, the personification of life-giving nurturing aspects.” You can see it has too many syllables so I shortened it to “mama” as the Reader's Digest condensed version. Not to mention its lack of any poetic merit. I wrote “our horse will know the way” because horse is symbolic of personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom.

Find A Way

I think I’d rather live one hundred years ago

Then I know I’d never feel so low

My days of childhood games are coming to an end

The past and present future is gone

And, I’ve tried to find for so long

A song, a simple tune or a melody of my own

But it’s taken so long, still I know

I’ll find a way

And I will lay me down

celestial horse

My days of childhood games are coming to an end

The past and present future is gone

And, I’ve tried to find for so long

A song, a simple tune or a melody of my own

But it’s taken so long, still I know

I’ll find a way

And I will lay me down

Find a Way was written by a 13-year-old Bruce that was apparently feeling very introspective for punk kid. The song had more verses that dealt with the war in Viet Nam and my concerns and philosophy on war. The lyrics were written in 1969. There were more words but I recorded it as one verse song. The “conflict” in Viet Nam was over shortly before I graduated high school. The historical accounts seem as confused as I was at 13.

I used only the first verse in this recording. It’s pretty self- explanatory. I produced the recording to sound like a dream, overlapping counter-point with a dash of echo. It’s mostly layers of my voice with a 12-string Rickenbacker electric guitar overdubbed. I used a Les Paul for a trumpet wannabe solo. There’s a constant tick-tock clock as a reminder of time.

Even, as the words portray, if I’d lived 100 years ago, there would have been a different war to wonder about. Nevertheless, pretty creepy for a kid of 13. Creepy but insightful.


Dear Sam,

You don't even know who I am

Dear Sam,  I'm writing as good as I can

I guess I'm writing a letter to you


Dear Sam, I saw you on the telephone

You look real pretty in your social media Facebook potpourri

Dear Sam, not stereotypical girl

White laced, a selfie with a crazy face

Imagine a girl named Sam


Alone, I read it in your diary

Oh no, you left it for the world to see

You showed it so obviously

Dear Sam, I saw you on the telephone

I tried to write you letter to make you feel better

But I don't know what to do...dear Sam

And over and over again


Dear Sam, I ran outta words to say

It's okay, it doesn't matter anyway

A hopeless romantic I am


Dear Sam...

Sam was based on a Facebook friend that he'll never meet. The funny faces and selfie photos never show her with a mate so he writes a letter he never intends on sending. Imagine a girl named Sam...

Ric w:brit flagBetter Each Day and Hold On were recorded by Gary Hilliard with Bruce Hilliard, guitars and vocals, Chaz Holmes, drums and Blake Swensen, bass guitar. Find a Way and Endless Rain were performed and recorded by Bruce with guest Lewy Brown, keyboards on Endless Rain.

Sam was recorded in Bruce's cousin Sue's kitchen. It's all Bruce Hilliard (and the dogs that insisted on singing along during the recording of the harmonica tracks and needed to go outside). Doesn't Anybody Fall In Love No More was written and recorded while staring at an iPhone totally devoid of his surroundings.


Better Each Day, Hold On, Find a Way, Endless Rain copyright 2017 Bruce Hilliard