Episode 243

Published on:

17th Sep 2022

45s From An Old Box ~ Hits Recorded From Random Hammered Records with Bruce Hilliard

Hey everyone and we have a surprise in store for us. I, while looking through my memorabilia for a Johnny Quest outdoor horizons adventure club card (made that up) I ran across an old brown box full of 45s.

So, randomly, here are ten or eleven 45 r.p.m. records played on a 1972 turntable I found while looking for my retainer.

I was into Santana/Page/Hendrix for guitar inspiration but for melodies and vocals, this apparently was what I was listening to as a young teen.

I think these are the melodies and sincerity that people miss.

These are the songs I listened to in bed, in the dark on my General Electric clock radio that I could operate the knobs proficiently at the top of my head without looking.

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Born in Seattle, raised in Aberdeen WA, Bruce Hilliard is a singer, guitarist and songwriter with a song list influenced mostly by pop/folk rock of the 60s-80s. He has been an opener for Heart, the Ramones, Dr. Hook, Wishbone Ash and Eric Burdon.
Early in his career Bruce completed Bachelor Degrees in Music and Journalism from Washington State University and, while never allowing a hiatus from performing and songwriting, joined corporate America in marketing and sales. That rocky road led him back to his passion and now records and performs live and with great appreciation to be back in his jam.
He currently resides in Mukilteo WA and hosts the Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show. His musician interview based show has featured recording artists including John Oates; Grand Funk Railroad’s frontman Mark Farner; Steve Fossen, bass player and co-founder of Heart; drummer Carmine Appice; and Dave Bickler, lead vocalist (Eye Of the Tiger) of Survivor. The weekly half hour show has over 181 episodes and is becoming a strong platform for musicians of all levels to showcase their music and their backstories.